Sanne Maloe Slecht

The work I'm most used to make lies in the word of philosopher Anthony Marke, who once said no work of art is ever made, but comes forth out of the abuse of teenage clowns. Nineties influences such as Britney Spears and Piet Patat are bound to happen within reasonable doubt. How earthy behaviour lies within the remarks of alienated burglars is hard to say. Everybody needs a hug sometimes, and that's where the little wonder Big Eye Dan comes to fly around the corner. Hell was a magical place, for some. Hoping to get rewarded with the blue wonders of pulp, Ariane tried to escape her mistress. Whomever falls within the doubt of the work, cannot be rescued from rabbit farms. Most of the time se was used to fill the garbage bag with cheese, but this time road workers from Alabama tried to give her flowers. Deception is key to real success and class. Sometimes, it snows where the sun don't shine, which is beneficial to all viewers of Fox News. There is no hair on my head that you will describe as pink, yet the potpourri smells like ass. You ask me why, I'll answer with die. 


There needs to be a realm for futuristic mindsets. How stupid can one be, to be lost in the present. Science proves that holographic images only exist in 2034. Therefore, we need to express ourselves in the most dramatic way. Blue envelopes will come to life if you believe in them. But first we must execute all gnomes and trolls of present society. The mustard in my fridge is getting nasty, but the upstairs neighbour keeps on listening to Polish folk music. However, there is no such thing as no such thing, so I will extend this story quickly. I try to eat as much E-numbers as possible so I can watch a documentary about low-culture. This installation will no longer mix eerie anonymity with the familiarity of an Hallmark postcard. In which context is the viewer allowed to like what he sees? 


There used to be a place near the river where you could see the amethyst purple haze of the killed birds before the sun setted. There needs to be a concentrated fixation on an area bigger than a stapler, so Anke de Bruijn can post on Hyves what's she's up to this holiday. There is a comfort in knowing you can upcycle rainbow trash, so your gay best friend can hear on the phone who you're fucking with. Fortunately it was torn down by the hurricane later that year. After being humiliated the night before, she took a dump at de Bijenkorf, before dying her shirt in white and yellow stripes. The core to it all is to never take Peter André serious, but to think about misanthropic drama's at the other end of the world. So, on Tinder one can witness someone's romantic search for a sublime state of mind. Conditions created in a concentrated area are needed for pigeons to make seagreen waves. 

- Sanne Maloe Slecht, 2015


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