It's complicated (2016) Acrylics and wood on canvas, tile and vinyl, instaIlation view, 130x170 cm


At least there is no climate change anymore (2016) Acrylics on canvas, oil on panel and foil, 100x120 cm


If I'm not a bush, I'm not no one (2016) Acrylics on canvas, clay and chain, installation view, 40x50 / 35x45 cm


Installation view


China has more circles (2016)

Acrylic on velvet and canvas, wood, clay, plexiglass, 60x80 / 55x75 cm


Let me make a screenshot! (2016) Acrylic on canvas, 100x120 / 100x130 cm

            Home is where you can be you (2016) Acrylic and oil on canvas and panel, 100x130 cm


Space Invaders (2016) installation view 

Group exhibition with Elysia Byrd and Jamison Edgar at Salon Similde, Leipzig (DE)


detail Space Invaders


detail Space Invaders


Chromian Bitch (2016) Acrylic and

spraypaint on double canvas, 60x80 / 40x50 cm


Hell was a magical place (2017)

Acrylics on double stretched canvas, handle, 40x50 cm


And boy was he shiny today (2017)

Work in progress, installation view, 120x160 cm


Reality is looking shitty today (2017)

Oil, acrylics and rope on canvas, 40x50 cm

Generic Interest (2017) Oil and acrylics on canvas, 45x55 cm 

Generic Interest (2017)

Oil and acrylics on canvas, 45x55 cm 


Heavy pinks with a retarded way of expressing pointlessness (2017) 

Oil and acrylics on double stretched canvas, 140x160 cm 


Enlighten me, you edgy fool (2017)

Oil and acrylic on canvas, stretched over polystyrene, 122x244 cm



We're on an ultralight beam (2018) 

Oil and acrylics on double stretched canvas, 100x130 cm 


Well, I collected blinds and bottles too (2018)

Oil and acrylics on canvas, 100x130 cm 


Play Doh's Cave (2018) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 100x130 cm 


Installation view, Hockney Gallery (2018) 


Big circles. Smaller circles. Press harder. Dip. (2018)

Acrylics on canvas, wax on canvasboard, 26x38 cm 


Wallflower (2018) Oil, acrylic, plaster and resin on canvas, 60x90 cm 


No underwear! No underwear! (2018) 

Acrylic on double stretched canvas, 26x38 cm 

First we did molly, (2018) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 115x160 cm 


We should go ponysmelling sometimes (2018)

Oil and acrylic on canvas, latex on aluminium, 45x60 cm 


Future ruins (2018)

Oil, acrylics and clay on canvas, 45x60 cm 


Unidentified Installation view (2018) 


You're an inanimate fuckin' object! (2018) Installation view, Polystyrene, plaster, paper maché,

latex rubber, cotton, acrylics, resin and wood, dimensions variable 

Built with Berta