You slut! (2015) bookmark, graphite and paper ball, foil on wood and canvas, 35x45cm

Is this a two-person brownie? (2014) Foil, velt, oil and acrylic on wood and panel, 65x35 cm

Draw me like one of your French girls (2015) acrylics on marmoleum and polystreen, marble tile, 30x50cm

i've had an ephiphany, so i drank ramen noodles (2014) Mirror tiles and doorhandle on pre-dyed canvas, 30x40 cm

Never trust Peter André (2014) Plaster, acrylics and tiles on canvas, 40x100cm

Let's get accurate (2014) Acrylic and oil on canvas, 70x100 cm

I always do but something (2015) Oilpastel, vinyl, clay and acrylics on canvas, 70x100 cm

I've always liked 'untitled' as a title (chicken) (2016) Acrylics, magnetic paint and ceiling plate on panel, 40x50 cm

I didn't drink enough to make this up (2016) Acrylics, clay, foam and doorhandle on ceiling plate 60x100 cm

Why does it look so good but feel so bad? (2016) Marble tile and acrylc paint on canvas, 40x50 cm

There will be drama (2016) Phosphorescent paint and rope on synthetic fibers, 150x115 cm

Let's swap our piercings (2016) Acrylic sheet, foil and plexiglass on wooden panel, 40x50 cm

This cigarette tastes like cornflakes (2015) Acrylic and foil on canvas, 70x90 cm

MTFBWY (2016) Oil and vinyl on pre-dyed canvas, 130x170 cm

Hakuna Matata (2016) Plexiglass, phosphor paint and acrylics on canvas, 50x70 cm

sanne maloe slecht

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